Planning for Retirement is more than just investing

You have dreams about what your retirement and legacy will look like, and you need a trusted advisor to guide you. We take a dynamic approach so you get the retirement you deserve.

About Us

At MN Wealth Advisors, we are passionate about protecting and growing your wealth

With us, you’re free to paint the picture of your dreams; we simply provide the canvas. Our team of wealth management experts helps you live your best life, solving any problems and seeking opportunities along the way. Our proven expertise provides you the assurance you need to enjoy life without financial stress.  

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We work to understand your comprehensive financial picture by identifying your goals and creating a custom portfolio designed to help you reach them.

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Build a retirement plan that is personal and always up to date.


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Tax and Estate Planning

We understand the impact taxes have on a financial portfolio and an estate. We'll help you keep more of what you've built.

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As a business owner, understand and control your costs and potential liabilities with retirement plan offerings, giving your employees a better retirement experience.

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Are You Ready for Retirement?

You need to know where you are on your path toward retirement. Click below to use our online retirement calculator to understand where you are today, and how to realize your retirement goals.


Who We Serve

Business Owners

Owning a successful business requires even greater planning as we work toward meeting your financial needs in a way that works for you and your business.

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We give you the security of knowing that your hard work over the years will allow you to live comfortably and securely through retirement. 

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Medical Professionals

We care for your financial “health” by helping you manage risk, reducing your tax burden and guiding your family through a successful retirement.

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About Us

At MN Wealth Advisors, we prioritize relationships over everything. We bring a personalized and consultative approach to everything we do, because we see your goals as our own. We’re proud to offer our clients the best service and advice from decades of wealth management experience and a strong desire to see our clients succeed, personally, professionally and financially.

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