Who We Serve

Our Clients

Our clientele is diverse and includes individuals, families, physicians, business owners and institutions. At MN Wealth Advisors, we work with clients who are: 

  • Successful business owners and professionals too busy to effectively manage their financial and investment lives on a day-to-day basis;
  • Qualified investors looking for access to hedge funds and other alternative strategies;
  • Individuals approaching retirement who will depend upon prudent capital and asset management to ensure they achieve their desired lifestyle after retiring; 
  • Business owners concerned about the cost and liabilities associated with their 401(k);
  • High-income earners looking for advanced tax planning techniques; and high-income earners in the early phases of their career seeking long-term accumulation of wealth.




Business Owners

Owning a successful business requires even greater planning as we work toward meeting your financial needs in a way that works for both you and your business.





Medical Professionals

Our goal is to take care of your financial “health.” Let us manage your risk, reduce your tax burden, and guide your family through a successful retirement.




We can give you the security of knowing that your hard work throughout your career affords you to live comfortably and securely through retirement. 

Retirement planning is the most important conversation you may not be having today. We are prepared for your most complex conversations as we address lifetime income needs, health care needs, Social Security planning, and  legacy planning intentions. 



At MN Wealth Advisors, our team of professionals will build you a customized plan. Once mutually agreed upon, we will link it to your secure and personal financial website. Our resources allow for your peace of mind, knowing your retirement plan is continuously updated and the knowledge that you are prepared.  

All our clients receive free access to this personal financial website, and your annual meetings are designed around your retirement plan. With the right plan paired with the guide to get you there, you can approach retirement with confidence. 

Our first step is to assess your risk tolerance through our questionnaire. Next, we add your expenses, income, and investments, among many other items, to your retirement plan, measuring the risk needed to fulfill your goals. As we merge the short-term and long-term views, you will be provided with a cash flow analysis, detailing where you are and where you should be in the process of achieving your financial goals.

As your financial advocate, we act in a consulting capacity to quarterback all reviews for you. In many of these areas, we receive no financial compensation, but we continue to be your advocate because we know they can be difficult and time-consuming for you to navigate.  We will work in coordination with your CPA and attorney to ensure your plans are executed properly and appropriately. 

Here are a few typical problems we see: 

  • High Taxes: We offer advanced tax planning techniques, including cash balance plans and the back-door Roth IRAs. 
  • Professional Risk: When you leave the office, you should leave your professional risk behind.  
  • Outgrowing Traditional Investing: Using a combination of active management, passive investments and structured products, we can not only enhance the performance of your portfolio, but also optimize the risk adjusted returns. 

Unlock the path to financial prosperity and peace of mind—schedule a consultation with our wealth management experts now.