Managing Investments

We're all emotional when it comes to our money. At MN Wealth, we have an investment process that utilizes the strength of our investment partners and our expertise. We build portfolios designed to meet your primary objective: retire on your terms.
We work to understand your complete financial picture. We identify your goals and create a custom portfolio or match you with a strategic asset allocation portfolio with opportunistic rebalancing. Evaluating your financial needs is an ongoing process and means more than just checking your portfolio performance each year.

Our investments are an eclectic mix of income, growth, and value orientation for an overall positive total return. Some of the tools we use to implement our philosophy are stocks, bonds, mutual funds (open-end, institutional, and closed-end) exchange-traded funds (ETFs), preferred stocks, and individual bonds. For those who qualify, we offer a wide array of private investments that can further improve your results. All these investments are run through a proprietary screening process and are monitored throughout the year.


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Investment Partners

Our investment process relies on the strength and expertise of our investment partners.

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Financial Picture

Looking at your entire financial picture, your portfolio will be customized and reevaluated on an ongoing basis.

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Mixed Investments

We include an eclectic mix of offerings including private investments for those who qualify.

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